Warrior Woman Awakening and ZenBreath

How many roads does a man walk down before he is a man? Dylan’s haunting words. How many lives must a woman live before she has awakened.
On January 6th two men broke into eighteen year old Sarah McKinley’s home while she was feeding her baby. When she heard the front door being broken down she called 911  and asked if she could shoot the intruder. She put her baby down picked up a shotgun and a pistol and when the intruder was in her living room she raised the shotgun aimed for his head and pulled the trigger. His accomplice ran away while the intruder fell over her sofa ( she had pushed the sofa in front of the door). She said later, “there is nothing more dangerous than a mother who is protecting her child.” I don’t like guns but I know we all would have done the same.
It was a week ago that a young 14 year girl in Afghanistan was tortured and her nails pulled out then thrown in the basement of her husband’s house. Reason: She refused to be sold into prostitution. I held the image of that child in my mind all week sending her love and prayers. There was outrage from the people. These events are happening all the time but someone had the guts to tell the story here in America. The world was alerted once again.


About warriorwomanawakening

“I’m Becoming The Man I Wanted to Marry” Posted on November 16, 2011 by warriorwomanawakening Deep within a woman’s heart is the Warrior Woman. She’s strong and compassionate. A long time ago she was a Goddess. That Goddess is emerging once again. LOOK around you. You’ll see her when she isn’t aware that you’re looking. To find your Goddess… Start your day with a Zen Breath… [Take a deep breath and slowly relax. Imagine your body and all your extremities relaxing. It’s time for YOU.] Some of the following questions and statements are for mulling. Mull away . The person I’m becoming is a woman I didn’t know existed. It’s not the male side of me. No, it’s much more. It’s the amazing aspect of my personality. It’s the authentic part of me. I think about my sisters and their struggle for a voice. How far have my sisters come since ‘Joan of Arc’ lead an army to victory and subsequently was burned at the stake? For example, today women in Saudi Arabia are not permitted to drive. A man must always accompany her wherever she goes. In Africa a female child is mutilated so that her femininity is forever stolen from her. These acts are equivalent to being metaphorically burned at the stake. Who gives these men the right to mutilate a child? In America ideologues want to take away a woman’s right to choose even if she’s been raped or her life is in danger. This ideology comes directly from religions that are patriarchal, homophobic and sexist. Your beliefs keep you from noticing. Challenge your archaic beliefs. When persons take their heads out of the sand they will notice.There is an amazing voice called Malala who has awakened.
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